Sport is the largest of the spaces and is suitable for events of up to 80 people. The sports-themed space is intended for larger groups of friends, sports teams or companies.

Due to its technology, Sport serves not only parties and dinner parties, but also meetings. Sport has a big screen and 5 TVs, from which you can watch either sports or reflect your own program content. There is also floor space for small-format program numbers.

If necessary, Sport's own bar counter can be opened for use by the group.


Street Bar offers privacy for groups of 15-25 people. The Street Bar at street level has 2 TVs, on which you can watch either sports or program content projected from your own laptop.

Your own bar counter guarantees peace and crowns a private evening out.



The VIP room, which is separate from the rest of the restaurant, can be reserved for private events of 20-40 people.

The VIP room is great for, for example, recreational evenings of sports gangs, birthdays, company parties or Christmas parties.

In addition to meetings and trainings, the big screen also enables the organization of competition studios.


Raised by a couple of steps, the Stage is isolated from the rest of the restaurant by a partially translucent wooden wall.

The sea-themed Stage is great for casual groups of 15-30 people and business groups

for an evening out. Stage has been used for class reunions, birthdays, recreation events for corporate groups and Christmas parties.

You can watch the match on the stage screen or you can project your own content on it by connecting your laptop to the screen.

Stage can be booked for private use if the restaurant's other booking situation allows.



In Hook Turku, there are also two smaller cabinets that can be reserved for private use, where you can enjoy with your own group!

The VIP 1 room located on the ground floor is perfectly suited for private events for groups of 6-8 people. There is a TV in the cabinet and it is possible to organize meetings, gatherings and parties for smaller groups in the space!

VIP 2 is a space suitable for groups of a maximum of 10-14 people - and there is a TV in the space.


In Hook Turku, you can brilliantly organize various corporate and private events. The Wings Lounge, located on the upper floor of the restaurant, is ideal for dinners for groups of 50-60 people, Christmas parties and team evenings.

Wings Lounge can also be reserved for gatherings of smaller groups - ask for an offer separately.

There are also TVs in the wonderful event space



For private events with a maximum of 25 people

the suitable cabinet offers a wonderful setting for various evening parties, birthdays, Christmas parties and many other parties.

Reserve a cabinet for private use and organize a private race viewing stand - right in the center of Jyväskylä!

The cabin can be reserved for groups of at least 18 people. For groups smaller than this, ask for an offer separately.



Offers an excellent setting for groups of 20-40 people. The cabinet is great for organizing various free-form parties - whether you were looking for a grandstand for a Lions game, a private cabinet for a birthday party or an atmospheric location for a Christmas party, this is it!

The cabinet is rented for groups of 20-40 - groups smaller than this, ask for an offer separately!