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All dishes include a dip of your choise.

Beer flavored onion rings 8 pc (L)5,80 €
Jalapeño poppers 6 pc 8,20 €
Mozzarella sticks 6 pc8,20 €
Chili cheese 8 pc8,60 €
Nacho Cheese triangles 6 pc8,20 €
Roasted capsicums “Padro” 6-8 pc (G/Ve) 8,20 €
Crisscuts (L)6,20 €
Curly fries (G/L)6,20 €
French fries (G/L)6,20 €
Sweet potato fries (G/L)7,20 €
Vegetables with dip (G/L)5,60 €
Nachos (G/L)4,90 €

Wings (G/L)

Wings are served with carrots, cellery and blue cheese dip.


8 pc 8,20 €
12 pc10,20 €
18 pc13,60 €
25 pc17,90 €
40 pc28,00 €
60 pc42,00 €
100 pc65,00 €​​​​

​Sauces: (G/Ve)

​​​Mild, medium, garlic medium, hot, xhot, suicide and “wirth a try” Buffalo, Hook´s legendary sauce (extra hot also available)!

Double sauce
​​​8-18 pc 1,90 €
​​25-40 pc 3,60 €
​60-100 pc 6,20 €


Boneless wings are served with a sauce of your choice, blue cheese dip, carrots and celery.

8 pc10,90 €​​​​​​​
12 pc13.90 €​

Vegan wings

Vegan wings made from Tofu are served with your choice of wing sauce and dip. Servings are added with carrot and celery sticks.

8 pc
12 pc

​Halloumi fries (G)

Halloumi fries are served with carrots, celery and blue cheese dip.

8 pc9,20 €
12 pc11,20 €​


​​​Remoulade (G/) , garlic mayonnaise (G/L), chili mayonnaise (G/L), BBQ (G/L), salsa (G/L), blue cheese (G/VL), mayonnaise (G/L), ranch (G) and cheddar (G)​

Vegan: mayonnaise, garlic mayonnaise, chili mayonnaise (G/Ve)

​Extra dip 1,50 €
​Extra coleslaw 2,50 €​

Combos & Classics

Party pack (L)
Dinner for all (4 prs)​
Curly fries, onion rings, 60 wings, 8 dips or your choice, 4 sauces and 4 soft drinks (0,3l)
(Take away 57,90 € without drinks)
​60,90 €
Bredded chicken fillet, mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers and beer marinated onion rings. This dish includes fries, vegetables and two dips of your choice.
15,60 €​​
Served with fries and coleslaw.
Half – 15,90 €
21,70 €
​Cheeseburger (VL)
Say Cheese!! Char-goal grilled 120 g steak, salad, tomato, marinated red onion, cheece and remoulade sauce. Served with fries. Also available as gluten free.
​15,20 €​​
​Lauri Markkanen´s Chicken burger (L)
This juicy burger with 150 g char-goal grilled chicken fillet is designed by Lauri Markkanen. The burger is loaded with fresh salad, tomato, marinated red onion, cheese and Ranch-sauce. Served with crispy fries. Also available as gluten free.
​17,40 €​​
Halloumi burger (V)
Cheese lover´s day dream! Char-goal grilled halloumi cheese burger comes with fresh salad, tomato, rocket, coleslaw, marinated red onion and chili mayonnaise. Served with fries. ​
​16,20 €​​
Salad à la Hook
Fresh salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, marinated red onion, olives, beans and mixed seed with herb dressing and balsamic vinegar.
Choose a topping:
chicken fillet 150 g
vege burger 150 g
halloumi 150 g
Served with bread. Also available as gluten free.
Extra chicken +2.50 €
(chicken fillet 2 pc / breast of chicken 1 pc)​​
13,50 €​​​

Hook Plate​​
For bigger appetite or for two.​
Delicious bredded chicken fillet, chili cheese, nacho cheese bites, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, beer marinated onion rings, nachos, fresh vegetables with dip and salsa.
​23,90 €​
Vegan meal (Ve)
Breaded mushrooms, beer breaded onion rings, roasted capsicums “Padron”, fries and fresh vegetables with two dips.​
Raipe´s Burger (L)
Char-goal grilled 200 g beef fillet plays the main role on this legendary burger. Hamburger is loaded with fresh salad, tomato, marinated red onion, cheese and Remoulade sauce. Burger is served with onion rings and crispy fries. Also available gluten free.
17,40 €
Hook burger (VL)
The Merzedes Benz of burgers. This burger is for a huge appetite and comes with two char-goal grilled 120 g steaks. Topped with salad, tomato, marinated red onion, cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce. Served with crispy fries.
​17,60 €​​​
Vege burger (V)
With 150g of succulent vegetable steak, the burger is loaded with fresh salad, tomatoes, marinated red onion, pepperjack cheese and mayonnaise. The burger is crowned with onion rings and crispy fries.
17,40 €​​
The Beyond Burger (Ve/G)
Delicious vegan burger with salad, tomato, marinated red onion, vegan cheese and mayonnaise. Served with crispy fries.​
17,40 €​​

All burgers are available gluten free.

Jalapeno 1,50 €, Cheddar sauce 1,50 €, blue cheese 1,50 €, coleslaw 2,50 €, garlic oil 1,00 €, bacon, 1,50 € Sweet potato fries +2,00 €, Dip +1,40 €

Kid´s menu

Hook´s meatballs (G/L)
Delicious meatballs, curly fries and vegetables
8,90 €
Pirate´s burger (L)
Juicy char-goal grilled 120 g steak, cheese, ketchup and fries
9,50 €​​
Kaptain´s chicken (L)
Crispy breaded boneless chicken sticks, curly freisand vegetables.
​8,90 €

Real challenge

Nagamoritz wings (G/L)
The world´s hottest wings! Eat eight pieces of these spicy wings and earn your place on the Hook´s Wall of Fame.
15,90 €


Hook has a wide range of drinks. In draft we have Koff lager, San Miguel and Crowmoor cider. All draft drinks are served in frozen glasses.

On our bottled beer and cyder selection we have Corona, Hoengaarden, Budvar, Nomada specialities, Somersby´s apple and pear cider and Weston´s vintage cyder.

Our house wines are great, but have a look at the wine list for more options!

Worth trying is also provenly the best sangria in Finland!


Häagen Dazs ice-cream
Check out the flavors from your waitress.
6,90 €​​